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A catalogue of art centres (collections of artists' studios with other associated facilities) in unused buildings (former factories, military forts, …).

An English expression for 'friches artistiques' is problematic. Phillipe Henry in the English summary of his 2010 study used the term 'arts factories' ( What does the future hold for “Arts factories” in France? PDF 14 pages.)

His work is both in itself a very good introduction as well as presenting the literature on the subject. While this Virtual Library is more concerned with fine arts, and Henry's background is related to performing arts (especially theatre) there is much in common … and many friches cross (or ignore) art categories.

The French texts are at Quel devenir pour les friches culturelles en France ? (PDF 40 pages) and vol. 2 (PDF 126 pages). In French he uses the term 'friche culturelle' for the re-use of 'friches industrielles'.

Broader categories :
Fort du Bruissin
The Fort du Bruissin, constructed in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, formed part of the western defences of Lyon. Now the contemporary arts centre of the town of Francheville.
Usine Kugler
The Fédération des Artistes de Kugler (FAK) is the umbrella organaisation for the artists and their associations who work within a former tap factory at Jonction, Geneva.
Friche Lamartine
A multidisciplinary team of artists based in Montchat, Lyon 3.
UfaFabrik, Berlin
30 residents and 160 co-workers in 18,566 square metres.
Usine Utopik
An arts centre in glasshouses (greehouses) at Saint Lô.
An association of artists in a disused textile (Schappe) mill, at Argis, in Rhône-Alpes, France.
Besides the work of the individual artists, the association organises group events relating to history ('patrimoine') and Land'Art as well as more general artistic exhibitions and events.


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